Doddington Hall -Wagons, a Pyramid and a Pond


After touring the gardens, we wandered a little farther afield and had a poke around in the grounds. Like last time, I was taken with a collection of old wagons, which was housed in a characterful shed…



An arrow straight path runs through the gardens to a ha-ha wall, giving uninterrupted views of the fields beyond. A fainter path continues to a distant focal point…


This pyramidal folly has been added since our previous visit.


We felt we’d like to have a look at it, both outside and in.


But not climb on it obviously.


True to form, the DBs were better at clambering on the pyramid than at reading, or complying with, the stern notice.


Looking back to the Hall.


And a zoomed view from the same spot.


Small White on Common Knapweed.


Bird’s-foot Trefoil.


Deep in conversation.


This is a sculpture which I omitted from the previous post. I took a few photos of it whilst we were in the gardens, but there always seemed to be people close by spoiling the view somewhat, so I tried again as we approached the house on the way back from the pyramid.


My Mum and Dad with their granddaughter. I realised today that, taking their initials in order that they are sat on the bench, they are T, E and A. TEA!


A pond with an elegant bridge in the grounds of the Hall.


Little Grebe or Dabchick.


The bridge again.


Assessing the depth of the pond.

These two benches don’t really belong in this post, but I’ve tacked them on anyway.


I took the photos the day after or visit to Doddington Hall, during a damp walk around the village where my Mum and Dad live.


Cleverly done, I thought.

Doddington Hall -Wagons, a Pyramid and a Pond

7 thoughts on “Doddington Hall -Wagons, a Pyramid and a Pond

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I really liked the bridge. I did tell the DBs to ‘get down’, but even TBH seemed to think that their misdemeanours were acceptable on this occasion.

  1. Sunday afternoon and I have just spend a relaxing half hour catching up on your blog posts. Doddington Hall and grounds are stunning as are your images of the same.
    Yet again I am amazed at your macro photography and especially still images of butterflies and dragonflies. On a hike this week there were numerous butterflies but they rarely rested even for a few seconds.

    The Sculpture Exhibition is stunning. Definitely worth another visit in 2020. My choice is the wire swallow.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Good choice! I really liked those – there were three I think. Not sure if we’ll get back in 2020 – we seem to have a few plans for that summer already. Little S keeps reminding me, not that he’s excited or anything.

      1. I made a brief visit to Lincoln about 18 months ago when I was travelling over to east Lincolnshire for work. It was a hot summers day and I managed to have a look round the town centre, the castle and inside the cathedral. Would certainly be worth to visit properly, but it’s a little bit off the beaten track and never easy to get to that part of the country from the north west. But should make the effort 🙂

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