White Coats


Back at home, I redecorated the kitchen. Again. In white. I have a mania for repainting white walls in white. Still, that’s that job done and forgotten about for………at least a month or two. It wasn’t all bad – whilst I was painting, we had several visits from Roe Deer – of which more to follow. I also listened to a great deal of Radio 6 and have become quite addicted to being reminded of great songs I haven’t heard for years, or, better yet, hearing great songs I’ve never heard before.


I also got out for occasional strolls from time to time. This day brought two walks – both organised around errands.


TBH and I walked over to the Silver Sapling Campsite to search for TBH’s missing (new) glasses in amongst all the tents which were drying out from their ordeal at the Red Rose Jamboree.


It was a fruitless search, but there were lots of Common Darters about, so not a complete waste of time.


Later I was in Arnside. I think A must have had a piano lesson. I strolled along the promenade…


…admiring this chap’s kite-surfing skills.


I must admit, it looked like great fun.


He had a small audience and was definitely playing to the crowd, leaping up and using the kite to briefly, but spectacularly, fly through the air. Very clever. I bet his kitchen walls are not a pristine white like ours though.

This is one of those tunes which I would have missed, but for my new found enthusiasm for Radio 6. It seems apposite, or at least the title does. Doesn’t Baxter Dury sound like his dad here?

White Coats

7 thoughts on “White Coats

  1. Always wanted to try kite surfing but I’m severely hampered by the fact I’m hopeless at flying kites! That tune sounds great and I not known I’d have sworn that was Ian Dury

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We should give it a go sometime. I think it might be the surfing, rather than the kite-flying, which is hardest. Doing both together? It would be a laugh watching each other try.

  2. Great tune… thanks for the heads up! And yes, Baxter does sound just like his Dad… which isn’t a bad thing. Fav Ian Dury tune? has to be ‘wake up and make love to me’….
    Re Kite there’s a guy on the hill by us who kites with his Skate Board. Yikes!! scary stuff.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hard to argue with that, although I’m going to enjoy pondering the question for the next week or two. ‘Sweet Gene Vincent’ and ‘What A Waste’ are also strong contenders. I have soft spots for ‘You’ll See Glimpses’ and Kilburn and the Highroads’ ‘Pam’s Moods’. But then….Hmmm. This is going to take some thinking about!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’ve also switched from Radio 4. Partly it’s because we know have a car with DAB radio, so I have the option. Partly it’s due to frustration with the Today programme. I am missing some of the afternoon programmes I listened to though, but have no intention of going back. Reliving a lost youth – yes, very much so. Sometimes they play tunes which I not only haven’t heard for years, but which I’ve also completely forgotten about. ‘Destroy the Heart’ by The House of Love springs to mind, which was a real favourite for a while, back when I was obsessed with going to gigs.

      1. I’ve also started listening to Radio 3 too. They broadcast quite a few good documentaries and spoken essays. They’re not usually scheduled at convenient times for me but I’ve been listening to them via the new BBC Sounds app. For some programmes they go back several years

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