Around the Coast Again.

Elmslack – Middlebarrow Plain – Holgates – Far Arnside – Park Point – Arnside Point – White Creek – New Barns – Kent Estuary – Arnside Promenade – Redhills Wood – Arnside Knott Wood – Arnside Tower – Holgates – Middlebarrow Plain – Elmslack.


Monday had brought clear skies and sunshine, Tuesday strong and chilling winds and dark clouds, Wednesday was more of a mixed bag with some cloud, but some sunshine too. Good walking weather in fact.


Essentially the same view as the first photo, but this one was taken with my phone rather than my camera. The drama is definitely ramped up a bit here, although the first photo is a closer representation of what I could actually see. Frankly, I can’t decide which one I prefer.


We were joined for our walk around the coast by our good friends from the village Beaver B and G and their kids.


I was really enjoying the contrast between the dark clouds and the shafts of sunlight lighting up the waters of the bay. I think Little S was impressed too, he slipped down the cliffs somewhere (I try not to worry too much about the kids little diversions like this, they usually seem to emerge unscathed somehow) and then sat down on the shingle to drink it all in…



Grange-over-Sands in the sunshine.


Beaver B on the clifftop path.


I was very taken by this little memorial by the path, commemorating one Edgar W. Crabtree; presumably he too loved this coastal walk.


We stopped at the Bob Inn at New Barns for tea and coffee and such like. There’s a children’s playground, but most of our kids are getting a bit too old and sophisticated for that to divert them for too long.

I was impressed by a number of painted slates hanging on the cafe’s exterior walls…


Here’s the details in case you’re interested…



Grubbins Wood and the Kent from New Barns.


Approaching Arnside.

We split into two factions in Arnside, some eating in the Pie Shop, or the Old Bakery as the proprietors seem to prefer, and some at the chippy. I was well prepared and had some soup in a flask. I think it might have been quite late by the time we’d finished our various meals, so we took a fairly direct route home. Around the coast is always a good day out, especially in good company, and this was no exception.

Around the Coast Again.

8 thoughts on “Around the Coast Again.

  1. I prefer the phone photo – it has more contrast, but one can easily achieve that using Photoshop or any much less sophisticated software if you want to be bothered. It would be good to be able to use my iPhone camera instead of my compact but I just can’t live with the ergonomics of the thing. Every time I touch it it does something unexpectedly, and it is all too easy to get one’s finger in front of the lens. YOUR photos demonstrate the value of having a good camera. As far as I an tell, and I am certainly no expert, you just can’t get your kind of results with s compact, or you may perhaps by paying an extortionate price.

  2. Well, you have been busy catching up and I hve had a great read. Total envy for your wonderful outdoors and I’d like to think I could cope with the chilly bracing conditions. A couple of very early starts here have brought their reward this week, beating the worst of the heat..

  3. My phone does seem to over dramatize images but I quite like that. As my phone is waterproof I often use it when the the weather is uncertain when I can easily shove it in a pocket. It deals much better with light contrasts than my camera (without endless messing with the settings). The camera images look more natural. In fact on many occasions I use both on the same outing as I always have my phone with me. Anyway, the coast walk to Arnside is a classic and when combined with some good food, good company and a return trip over the Knott makes for one of my favourite days out.

  4. I had it in mind to get over your way for a walk along the coast and overthe Knott last week, but after New Year’s day we’ve been laid low with a nasty bug – still not recovered so no getting out walking for a while yet ☹️

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Sad to hear that. We’ve all had a very persistent cold. Mine’s be over a fortnight now. Fortunately, whilst it’s annoying, I can still function fairly normally.

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