Croak and Wither


Summer grows old, cold-blooded mother.
The insects are scant, skinny.
In these palustral homes we only
Croak and wither.

from Frog Autumn by Sylvia Plath


Palustral – Pertaining to or living in marshes; marshy.

I do enjoy a new (to me) word.

This frog was sitting smack centre of the path which runs between Emesgate Lane and Cove Road and didn’t move whilst I took several photos or when other people passed, even those with dogs, which makes me think it must have been unwell in some way.


As you can see, I did get out again, although I must have left it fairly late, the sun was very low in the sky even as I set off. I walked along the coast from Far Arnside…


Until the sun dipped behind Humphrey Head…



And then walked back along the beach to Shore Lane.



The light was gradually fading, but the moon was bright.


Fisherman’s Cottages.

As usual, a bit of music with a sunset post; I was intending to continue the Soul and Funk theme, but I love the album this is from and it seemed quite appropriate:

Maybe don’t watch the video, it’s made me feel that the song is uncomfortably misogynistic. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be surprised given that it’s from an album called Casanova?

Croak and Wither

8 thoughts on “Croak and Wither

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I often get them muddled, but this has a ‘pointy’ face, stripy legs and no warts so I’m reasonably sure that it’s a frog. It’s usually toads though that you see in dry places like this. It’s possible, I suppose, that this frog was drying out and that might explain its inaction in the face of so many large potential predators.

  1. Poor frog. I think they had a tough year with the snow and then the hot summer. My frogspawn all died in the pond during the big freezes and the neighbours’ cats bullied the adults in the summer 😦

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, I suppose the extremes we had last year were really not suited to what frogs need. Let’s hope they’re resilient and bounce back this spring.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There’s something fascinating about reptiles and amphibians isn’t there? My own fascination dates back to a walk to school which took us over Johnny’s Brook which had lots of frogs and frogspawn in it.

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