Five Photos


A wasp’s nest on the underside of the roof of our summer house (glorified shed). It was a little bit larger than a golf ball. The has been empty for weeks – it was right by the door, perhaps too busy a spot, and the wasps seemed to have abandoned it – but just today we noticed that the nest is once again occupied.


Orchids on the Lots.


A double rainbow from our garden; a fair indication of the weather we’ve been having this ‘summer’.


A roe deer buck on our garden.


He has very lop-sided antlers. I wonder whether that will put him at any disadvantage during the imminent rut?

Five photos taken on different days, aside from the last two obviously.

Five Photos

3 thoughts on “Five Photos

  1. We had to call in pest control to remove a rather large nest of what were very large wasps a few years back. And at the moment we have bumble bees nesting in our compost bin!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I removed a couple of wasps nest myself when we lived on the Row, without getting stung either time. At the moment I’m content to see how this one develops. The wasps seem to have added half a layer and then abandoned the nest again. Bit jealous about the bumble bees.

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