Badge work: Tour of Lingmoor


The Langdale Pikes.

Some of the local scouts are working towards their hill walking badge; would I be available to accompany them on some of their outings?

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 21.15.08

Since B and Little S were two of the scouts in question, and since any excuse for a walk is a good one in my book, of course I was more than happy to help.


The Scouts.

This was during Whit week. We’d already cancelled one potential walk due to forecasts of torrential rain. This walk was a wet weather alternative, because, once again, the forecast was pretty poor. In the event, as you can see, the weather was much better than we expected, the nicest day of the week in fact, although it did get quite gloomy on a couple of occasions and we had a few spots of rain from time to time. The heavens finally opened when we were safely back in our cars and driving home.


Crinkle Crags and Bowfell.

We walked around Lingmell, an excellent low-level option which I haven’t walked before, despite my fondness for valley walks in Greater and Little Langdale.


Langdale Pikes again.




Heading towards Blea Tarn.


Blea Tarn with the Langdale Pikes behind. Side Pike is picked out by the sunshine.

As for my ‘volunteering’ – there wasn’t really any effort involved. The scouts did the navigating and TB, one of the local scout leaders, entertained the scouts with his knowledge of local history – so much so that several passers-by seemed tempted to join our group. My contribution was to encourage some of the scouts to taste some of the wild plants we saw – Sorrel, Wood Sorrel and Cuckoo Flower – which probably wasn’t in the risk assessment!


No picture of the mound – to be honest, the sign was more interesting than the actual lump.

In Greater Langdale, a damselfly landed on my hand and then hitched a ride for half-a-mile or so.


Little Langdale Tarn.


Little Langdale.


Cathedral Quarry.


We stopped for lunch in Cathedral Quarry. It was much busier than it ever has been when I’ve visited before, and also quite damp, so it wouldn’t have been my first choice, but TB clearly knows his stuff – for B and Little S this was the highlight of the day. The Scouts charged about exploring various passages and generally having a great time.


Little Langdale Tarn again.

In the latter part of the walk, B instigated some high jinx but introducing the idea of trying to sneak rocks into other peoples rucksacks/pockets/hoods. Thanks Andy, for giving him that idea!


Langdale Pikes from yet another angle.

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 20.28.04

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 20.14.26


Badge work: Tour of Lingmoor

12 thoughts on “Badge work: Tour of Lingmoor

  1. This was one of my first proper walks in the Lakes back in 2008 I think. Seem to remember we had low cloud all day so the views weren’t great and the highlight was Slater Bridge and then a pint in the Sticklebarn!!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It’s a great walk for when the weather isn’t good, I would have thought. We were very lucky with the weather – we were expecting lots of rain. Slater Bridge is great isn’t it. I didn’t take a photo on this occasion because it was so mobbed – I’ve never seen it so busy.

      1. It can be heaving on the worst of days and then completely clear on a gloriously sunny day. Luck plays a part with photography for sure. I once stayed in a cottage next to the Three Shires Inn which is a short stroll from Slaters Bridge, I was there most evenings getting the good shots when most had gone home

  2. Makes me proud to pass on my knowledge and experience to a new generation!
    I’ve never been to Cathedral Quarry, looks amazing. Is that the one with a myth that there is a passage from Langdale to Little Langdale right under Lingmoor.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      You’re an inspiration!
      Cathedral Quarry is very cool. It’s near Slater’s bridge, if you know that. And there is a passage, but it goes from Little Langdale through to Tilberthwaite.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It was a lovely walk in one of my favourite areas, it’s hard to believe I haven’t walked that route before.

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