Wormerveer was the first stop off on our summer tour, chosen due to its proximity to Amsterdam.


I rather liked the place. The river Zaan flows through, and there’s lots of traffic on the river to watch. Canals abound too. Chocolate is made there and the smell of cocoa is pervasive.


We didn’t book breakfast on the overnight ferry and by the time we’d found our accommodation, settled in and had a bit of a wander, we were all starving. Time to find something to eat. The boys tucked in to huge burgers whilst the vegans had lettuce and chips – from our limited experience, not all restaurants in Holland are geared up to serve vegans.

I had the house special…


…a croquette, a glass of onion soup and carpaccio, which I enjoyed, although it seems like an odd combination with hindsight.


Our home, for the couple of days that we were in Wormerveer, was an old wooden house, by a canal. Charming, but quite small. The kids loved the fact that it had a pinball machine and an arcade machine with lots of old games on it – Pacman, Space Invaders, Defender and probably lots more. It was hard for me to get a look in, but I enjoyed the pinball, at least, that was, until the boys started posting scores which exceeded my own best effort, at which point I found that I much preferred to hide behind the book I was reading – ‘The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet’, which, fortunately, was very entertaining.


The temperatures were a bit crazy whilst we were there, which made sleep a bit elusive. A late night stroll did bring some relief – and some interesting views of the Zaan.



8 thoughts on “Wormerveer

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I guess we told you about when we ate out on our second visit. We took Trip-Advisor’s word for it on ‘best place for vegans to eat’. The waitress in the very busy bar offered a vegan caesar salad. Without the chicken, parmesan, or dressing – which contain anchovies. Lettuce and croutons. Will that be any cheaper then? No, still 16 euros.

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          New vegan Galaxy chocolate bar – twice the price of the ordinary one. Why? Can’t imagine the ingredients are very expensive.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes. I read ‘The Bone Clocks’ this summer too. Also excellent. (And has some characters from De Zoet and from Black Swan Green in it). And I reread ‘Number Nine Dream’ earlier in the year. I’m a bit of a fan! I just have one of his to catch up on now.

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