One reason, possibly, why I’ve fallen so far behind with the blog, is that I’ve struggled to know what to say about Amsterdam. TBH and I have wanted to visit Amsterdam for a very long time, but when we got there is was extremely busy and much, much too hot. I didn’t want to go to the Anne Frank house, the kids weren’t really struck with the idea of the Rijksmuseum, and we couldn’t book a boat to tour the canals despite all of TBH’s efforts.

I took lots of photographs of massed bicycles, and impressive architecture and canals and such like, but looking at them now – they’re a bit rubbish to be honest. My heart can’t have been in it. So – just a couple of photos. The first, taken by a waitress, is from a little road side cafe where we had a superb lunch. Decent vegan food even! The boys had burgers, which became a bit of a theme for a while, although in Germany they discovered the delights of Schnitzel, which became their new favourite. I had a delicious salad and really enjoyed the cafe’s soundtrack of 70’s reggae and 80’s rap. I even managed to smile for a photo, which is virtually unheard of.

We did walk ‘through’ the Rijksmuseum – there’s an archway/tunnel which walkers and cyclists can use – and were all impressed by the giant spider sculptures in the gardens…


These are the work of Louise Bourgeois apparently – you can find out more here.

We were on our way to another, much smaller gallery, of which more to follow…


5 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. You don’t seem so impressed by Amsterdam then. I’d never been until a few years ago but now are over there a few times a year due to daughter moving over there. It’s a crazy city overcrowded with tourists. I hate the seedy red light district (although there are some interesting stuff there – and I don’t mean the “shop” windows) but if you get away from the main track there are some interesting places.
    I’m looking forward to reading your impressions of Haarlem (saw your flickr photos) as that’s where my daughter is living now.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I think maybe I need to give Amsterdam a second chance – but not in the middle of summer, perhaps. And with a bit more forethought – so that we can take in some more of the culture whilst we are there.

      1. That would definitely be a good plan. It’s a good city, but over busy (of course we’re part of the problem). But it’s good if you find away to get away from the crowds – and the heat!

  2. Such a shame that things didn’t quite go for you in Amsterdam. I’m sure if you give it a go in different circumstances you’d love it. The shopping are immediately to the south of the Train Station and the Red Light district are noisy crowded, seedy and full of drunks, but that’s just a small part. A boat trip around the canals and just walking along the western and southern streets and the parks was a real delight for us, so many quieter streets, flower decked bridges and wonderful bars and cafes. I can only say I’d be happy to go back especially now I know where to go and where to avoid.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I think the weather had as much to do with it as anything. It was hard to sleep – the house didn’t real cool down in the evenings. Maybe I’ll give it another go some time.

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