A Family Day out In Lübeck


A and S in front of the Holstentor.


We were a party of twelve all told, out for a wander around Lübeck.


The Cathedral is huge, but has buildings all around it, so it’s hard to get a good view.


The Rathaus is impressive too. The next few photos show various views of it.






…is one of the buildings in the town associated with Thomas Mann. Günter Grass is another former resident.

Whilst these literary claims to fame are impressive, the first thing that springs to mind for me when I think of Lübeck is marzipan and the company Niederegger which has several shops around the town…


That’s the principal one on the right. There’s a shop on the ground floor, a restaurant above that and a marzipan museum on the top floor.


In Lübeck it seems that almost anything can be modelled from marzipan.

This ship was one of the displays in the museum…


As were these almost life-size figures…


I’ve been to Lübeck a few times. It’s a charming place with fascinating architecture.




Although I’ve been a few times before, I didn’t know about the quiet little alleyways which abound. This time we had the advantage of a local guide, my cousin S who was born in Lübeck.


The alleys seem like they might be private, but apparently there is a right of access, although some are only open to the public at certain times of the day.




Little S was clearly wanting to venture down this watery avenue, but was hesitating…


Until cousin S chivvied him along.

A Family Day out In Lübeck

5 thoughts on “A Family Day out In Lübeck

  1. Your post reminded me of a descriptive piece from Le Carré’s Secret Pilgrim. Although it was about Hamburg it was the mention of the Lubeck beer that jogged my memory. Sorry, can’t remember how to put the umlaut on the u. I’ll have to set a day aside to sort that out – I have a MAC desktop but a PC type keyboard.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      What an evocative passage. I applaud your recall – I’m afraid I forget almost everything I read pretty much immediately after reading it. There are some advantages – I can enjoy books repeatedly for example – but it is also very frustrating.
      I haven’t read enough Le Carre. (I don’t know how to add accents to comments either!)

  2. Super looking town. We’ve really grown to love urban exploration over the past few years and those buildings and alleyways look fascinating. Not sure about the Marzipan though. Need to take the DBs to Budapest for the fountains we had immense fun with, worth the flight cost – almost! 😂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It’s possible that by the time the DBs get to Budapest, they won’t want their dad dragging along with them! Lubeck isn’t a huge place, but I would say that it’s well worth a look. Not far from Hamburg either.

  3. I have been having trouble leaving a comment on your blog. Here’s hoping this one will remain. What a wonderful summer holiday you have had. Thanks for taking me to Lubeck, especially the alley ways and for sharing the butterfly images.

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