Lockdown Aspirations


We have new neighbours. Well, newish. But although they’re new neighbours, they’re also old friends. When they moved in, things were a bit tight at their place, so some of their house-plants temporarily moved in with us, mostly orchids with a few cacti too. With the advent of lockdown, the arrangement has perhaps lasted longer than was originally intended. To my surprise, it was Little S who first voiced the question, one evening when we were washing-up, which I had been mulling over for a while:

“Do we have to give these orchids back?”


So, when this is all…well, not ‘over’, but when some sort of normality has returned and we give back the orchids, it’s fair to say that Little S, and I, would like to replace them with something similar.


It feels like these unusual circumstances have prompted lots of people to pause for thought and consider what they might do differently. In the first instance, during the lockdown. And more recently, what changes we might retain after the lockdown, whenever or whatever that means.


I’m not often a list maker, but, thinking back, I have, at various times, idly wondered what I might have time for during the lockdown, which I wouldn’t normally manage.


I thought I might jot them down, in no particular order, and then, perhaps over the next few posts, assess how I’ve got on. A bit like appraisal, but with less b……..

…..feel free to add a colourful noun of your choice.



  • Tidy the garden.
  • Play cards and board games with the kids.
  • Read ‘War and Peace’.
  • Lose loads of weight.
  • Bake bread more often.
  • Read more poetry.
  • Do more walking.
  • Catch-up with my blog posts.
  • Listen to more music.
  • Get to grips with birdsong.
  • Practice my trumpet playing.
  • Stretch.

To be clear, this is the first time I’ve go as far as putting them down and so it’s also the first time that I’ve seen them all together.


It also crossed my mind that we might have to enter an even stricter lockdown and not be allowed to leave our own property at all, in which case:

  • Walk around the garden and up and down the stairs.
  • Take photos of flower in the house. And photos of flowers, birds and bugs in the garden.

I experimented with the latter, as you can see! I also tried the former, whilst waiting for TBH to join me for a walk. I discovered that 20 laps of the front and back amounted to a mile, but I’m pleased I haven’t had to repeat the experiment.


And the first twelve? What do you reckon? It’s not a very ambitious list is it? I hasn’t occurred to me to raise millions for the NHS, or climb the equivalent of Mount Everest on the stairs, or even to bake cakes every week for the local food-bank, which A has been doing.

Anyway, I’ve run out of photos; an assessment will have to wait for a subsequent post. Or posts.

How about you? What have you done, or failed to do, whilst the lockdown has continued?


Today’s tune is prompted by one of THO’s comments on a post from a couple of days ago. ‘Different versions of familiar songs’, he said; ‘hip-hop’, he said. So, Method Man and Mary J. Blige:

I’ll warn you that this should probably carry one of those ‘Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics’ stickers. Not that I’m aware of any minors reading these posts, but…just in case…(Little S always tells me off when I play rap. He complains that I’m a bad influence on his vocabulary.)

And, the first, perhaps, in an occasional quiz series. This is ‘Sliced Tomatoes’ by the Just Brothers:

And it probably sounds familiar. Who sampled it and for which hit?

In the light of the optimistic list above, I can’t resist this:

Which I’m pretty sure has appeared here before, but I shan’t apologise for that.

Lockdown Aspirations

13 thoughts on “Lockdown Aspirations

  1. THO says:

    C got the quiz answer. The “Vauxhall” Brothers according to her :-). (FB Slim)

    I too have a list. Of jobs. Written by C. I’ve had a pretty good stab at it and am down to 2 at the moment (it does seem to get longer overnight so I need to sleep with it under my pillow, or something). One the items is “gutters”, and whilst I know what gutters are I’m still not quite sure what I need to do with them, other than it will probably involve ladders which isn’t much fun so I have generally been using the too windy/sunny/cold excuse to avoid doing.

    One thing I do seem to have more time for recently is reading and commenting on blogs. Mostly just yours and SnS’s to be fair. But in the past I never felt I had the time. I must see if C will put it on my job list so I can at least get back to making some progress with it.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That sounds familiar! Gutters hasn’t come up. Yet. Last time we had a problem – water was cascading over the top because the downpipe was clogged with leaves – B did it whilst I held the ladder. I had to go up in the end though because he managed to get something (a golf club handle I think) that he had used to shift the leaves stuck in turn. I know that the wooden boards under our gutters need stripping and painting, that’s the chore I’m dreading, so I’m putting off treating the garden furniture with teak oil for as long as possible because that might be next!

      1. beatingthebounds says:

        Oh – commenting is much appreciated by the way. I can never keep up and now that I do have a bit more time all lot of blogs are maintaining radio silence!

  2. On my list was, clean the outside of the windows (done), grow some veg (done, sweetcorn, green beans, various lettuce, toms and squash all on the go), decorate bedroom 2 (wall paper being delivered tomorrow) and watch lots of old films never watched before (so far Magnificent Seven, Casablanca, Good, Bad and Ugly and Charade. Need more suggestions really). Not bad so far but now working from home which means I’m doing less around the place

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Impressive! We have tomatoes. That’s it. But I’ve been working from home from the off – that’s my excuse! Old films: Ice Cold in Alex, The Searchers, Winchester 73, seen any of those? Midnight Cowboy, The Apartment….

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          Oh yes – have to have Hitchcock. I like North by Northwest too. The Third Man? The original Cape Fear? The Great Escape?

  3. Hip Hop – sorry, neither you or THO will ever convince me. The other tracks are good though. Lockdown Lists well I talk a good list but actual results are mixed. Exercise every day has been a success, just one day since lockdown when I haven’t been out on the bike or a walk. Oh and TV and films. The board games one is a good one too, need to be more diligent on that one. Like you the fact that it’s barely rained has meant a lot more time outdoors and just chilling in the garden. Yesterday, first proper full day walk under the new rules. Have to say other than the fact is was a great walk it was the first day in two months that felt “normal’. Right, off to clean out the conservatory, full of bike stuff

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I thought you were a Fun Lovin Criminals fan – hip hop surely?
      Me too – talking a good list that is. Some things have come off and others failed miserably. Saw some pictures of your walk – looked like Garway Hill to me?

      1. I’ve decided I only like selected FLC stuff. I’m sure that there are tracks you’d find that I like but it’s not a genre I’m aching to research. I put up some photos on Flickr for a walk up Garway the other evening as well as yesterday in Shropshire

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          Great. Posts to follow then? Hughie Morgan, from FLC, has a Saturday morning show on 6 which we used to listen to on the way in to Lancaster for the boys BJJ – it’s a great show.

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