The Sands and The Knott


The Cove.


Looking back to the Cove.


Heathwaite and Arnside Knott.


Aiming for Humphrey Head.


Following an old tide-line.


Cockle shell.


Common otter shells.





In a variety of hues.




There was plenty of evidence of shelduck. Not only footprints!


I followed the edge of the channel in again, but this time, hitting land, I took the steep path up to Heathwaite.


Spring cinquefoil – I assumed I was seeing good old ubiquitous tormentil, but when I looked at the photo I realised that the flower has five petals not four. And then I discovered that tormentil doesn’t flower till June. So – not a rare flower, but new to me, so I’m chuffed.


New oak leaves.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought, since a comment from Conrad, about where the best viewpoints in the area are located, which is a very pleasant thing to ponder whilst out aimlessly wandering. The spot this photo was taken from, at the top of the shilla slope on Arnside Knott, would rank high on my list.

It was very hazy on this day, but there’s a good view of the Bay, of the Forest of Bowland, and over Silverdale Moss…


…to Ingleborough, which you’ll be able to pick out if you are using a large screen. (You can click on the photo to see a zoomable version on flickr)


Wood sorrel.





I took lots of bird photos on this walk, but they were almost all of them blurred, or photos of where a bird had just been perched. A couple of nuthatches were particular offenders in that regard.


A very hazy view towards the Lakes.


Song thrush.

This thrush, unlike most of the birds I’d seen, was very comfortable with my presence and happily hopped about catching small wriggling mouthfuls in the grass.  Absolutely charming to watch.

Now, why would you cover an Otis Redding song? Seems to me you are on a hiding to nothing. But, it happens. A lot. So what do I know?

And having said that, I think Toots and the Maytals do a pretty fair job…

..I am a big fan of the Maytals though. Their version of ‘Country Roads’ is superb. And their own ‘Funky Kingston’ is one of my favourite tunes. There are lots of other covers, by the Grateful Dead, the Black Crowes, Tom Jones for example.

This is not a cover…

…apparently? It has different words and a new title, but I can’t help feeling that it sounds a little familiar?

The Sands and The Knott

13 thoughts on “The Sands and The Knott

  1. You say some of your photos are blurred but the odd ones are just a bit dark and with a bit of very simple tweeking they can become much better. I use Photoshop Elements 15 but I’m sure you know there is all kinds of software available to get these results easily. Ok, I know it’s a bit of a fiddle. I had a go with your bird photo above – Here is a link to the result in Dropbox.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    The blurred ones are the many, many photos I didn’t include! This photo has already been heavily edited using the facilities available on flickr. The original was extremely dark. Your version has enhanced it no end – thanks.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes. Haven’t seen it for ages. My daughter’s just read the book, at my suggestion – she would love the film.

  3. You really have been venturing a long way out onto the sands – makes for some really neat images. Wonder if a B/W shote would have enhanced the ripples in the sand any better?
    Otis Redding – every one a classic and I have to say I don’t the think the Toots and the Maytels cover does anything for it. The Buddy Guy “sample” – probably the right word – is better though. The Commitments – what a great film – have to see if I can find it to watch again, some great tunes on there and I seem to remember their cover was indeed pretty good.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I have – I’m actually a bit frustrated when the tides are high and therefore it’s too muddy to venture out.
      Yes – very keen to watch the commitments again. Or indeed ‘The Van’ or ‘The Snapper’ which unrelated films, but based on the follow-up books about Barrytown.

  4. Arnside Knott is one of my favourite viewpoints. On a good day there’s such an excellent panorama of the Cumbrian mountains and over to the Howgills and Dales. Turn the other way and there’s the Sahara desert (the tide always seems to be out when I’m up there)

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It’s a terrific spot. Andy and I have been muting a book of small hills with disproportionately good views for more years than I care to remember and the Knott would certainly enjoy pride of place if we ever found the time and energy to write it.

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