The Lazy Trumpeter


Early light on the new leaves at the circle of beeches.





Pano from Castlebarrow. (Click on this, or any other, picture to see a larger image on flickr)


Orchids on the Lots.


Early purple orchid.


Welsh poppies.


Bottoms Farm.


Post sunset at The Cove.


The entire beach has acquired a silver-grey crust. Not the best light to show it, I know.

So, back to my wish list of lockdown activities. Have I ‘practiced my trumpet playing’?. Have I heck. It sits in its case under my desk, just as it has for years. Perhaps I should explain – in my teens I was in a brass band. It was great fun, but I was a lousy musician: I didn’t practice enough. I didn’t play the trumpet. I started at second baritone horn and slowly progressed to first euphonium, not because of any progress on my part, but because it was a junior band and the other players grew up and left for pastures new. Mostly the senior band which practised in the same hall. I don’t remember anybody playing the trumpet, the closest we had was a solitary flugelhorn and a host of cornets. In good time, I moved away myself, and for many years didn’t play an instrument.

Anyway, some years ago, when all our kids were learning to play various instruments,  I decided that it was a shame that I’d ditched mine and decided to buy a trumpet – that being smaller and cheaper than what I’d played before. I did practice for a while, but my enthusiasm didn’t last all that long. I thought while we were off that I would have loads of time on my hands and would get started again, but it hasn’t really played out that way. Tomorrow though….I’m bound to pick it up again. There’s always tomorrow!


…as well as providing the title for the post, is the piece which I remember most affectionately from my brass band days.

This is obviously very different. I saw Kid Koala live down in London many years ago with my brother. I think he was the support act, but I can’t remember who it was he was supporting. I do remember being spellbound when he performed this.

And from ‘Drunk Trumpet to ‘The Piano Has Been Drinking’:

The Lazy Trumpeter

11 thoughts on “The Lazy Trumpeter

  1. Having spent my formative years trying to resist damage to my vinyl and especially refusing to lend I was always horrified at that business of “scratching” and “mixing” or whatever it is called. So I have avoided it like “the plague” dare I say? However I was mightily impressed with your inclusion and recognised the undoubted skill coupled with that indefinable magic stage presence. I was enlightened.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It does make you wince at first doesn’t it? But he knows what he’s doing. It seems to work best live however – I’ve never been convinced by his studio output – maybe I should give it another go.

  2. Luckily I have no such distractions as a man with absolutely no musical talent whatsoever! That Tom Waits song was most definitely on the Jock Hols tape btw.

          1. That opening bar of the first track on the classic AJP album instantly brings up that Alps/Brittany trip, especially the drive from the campsite to the beach for some reason

            1. beatingthebounds says:

              Love that album – I have to listen to it from time to time – makes me so happy. I’ve listened to other stuff of theirs, and I can tell that it’s good, but somehow it doesn’t have the same impact. Must be the association with the memories of that holiday.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well…don’t want to break the dramatic tension, but….no. During certain parts of the cycle the tide is effectively always out – the sands near home never get submerged. So it’s easy to get out on the sands. At the moment, the tides are coming right in to shore. Yesterday I saw loads of people (it has been very bust here all week) out on the bay at low tide on what looked like very wet and muddy beaches. In those conditions I steer clear.

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