Little Fluffy Clouds


Another day, another loaf. Or two.



Aquilegia or columbine. It’s in our garden here – but it is a British wildflower.


Song thrush.


The beech circle.


Middlebarrow Quarry – or The Lost World. ‘Every time I see it, I expect to see dinosaurs’, B tells me. I know what he means.



Middlebarrow aerial shelduck display team.


“Keep the formation tight as we come in to land.”


“Quick breather, squadron, and we’re off again.”

Of course, having seen a peregrine once, I now keep going back to peer over the lip into the vast quarry at Middlebarrow expecting lightening to strike twice. It hasn’t. I do keep seeing the close formation aerial skills of the shelducks though. Lord knows why they feel compelled to circuit the quarry so obsessively.


This small plaque is on a house near home. I’m sure I’ve posted a picture of it before. But now I’ve learned that it’s a fire insurance sign – showing which insurance company the house was registered with. It seems more like something you might expect to see in a more urban location, but maybe this is an antique which has been added since the signs were rendered obsolete by the inception of a national fire service? The house is very close to our small fire station, which is manned by retained fire fighters, so they should be okay if the worst happens.


The Bay from The Cove.


Ransoms flowering in the small copse above the Cove. 


Orchids on the Lots.


Green-winged orchid.


Early purple orchid.


Water avens.




Orange-tip butterfly on cuckoo-flower.


A bedraggled peacock butterfly.


Gooseberry flowers. I think.


Lambert’s meadow.


The skies above Eaves Wood.

It annoys me, more than it should, that I can never remember the names given to the various types of clouds. All sorts of stupid trivia is securely lodged in my brain, but even though I’ve read a couple of books on the subject, clouds just don’t seem to want to stick. I thought that if I tried to label the clouds in my photos, maybe I would start to remember a few at least. The fluffy white ones above Eaves Wood here are cumulus, right? Although, maybe some stratocumulus behind.


And I assume these wispy ones are cirrus.


And this is maybe cirrocumulus.


But then….? Altocumulus and cirrus?

Hmmm. More effort required, I think.


Oak tree in full summer garb.


Full-throated robin.

Bit obvious I know. But good.

And, completely unrelated, as far as I know…

…the opening track from one of my favourite albums, which I was introduced to by THO, who often comments here, and which I shall always associate with a superb holiday which was split, quixotically, between the French Alps and the Brittany coast.

Little Fluffy Clouds

12 thoughts on “Little Fluffy Clouds

  1. THO says:

    Great to see(hear) a bit of AJP on your blog. Am sure I first came across them via our erstwhile friend Mr Wilson.
    It appears that another fan is (perhaps not surprisingly) Andy Kershaw who included them in a DJ set when I saw him at an otherwise slightly underwhelming gig a few years ago. To be fair he did have a streaming cold so fair play to even turn up plus the audience just didn’t seem to be up for it. Maybe a bit like your most recent Craig Charles gig? I’ve seen the latter a few times now and the most recent was a bit flat but the others have been amazing.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Strange how the mood of one participant can have such a massive impact on a crowd! We saw an African jazz ensemble (not the Pioneers) at the Brewery Arts and it was amazing.

  2. I saw a few columbines on my dog walk this morning. Still no sign of orchids here. I remember seeing shelducks when we camped at Gibraltar farm…and a green woodpecker. But think I mentioned that to you already. Is the Woody’s pub still going? It was an amazing place. Once we visited and there was a bar in one room, a vintage tea room in another and a fete in the garden. 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      The Woody’s was still a going concern. I hope that remains the case. I love taking friends there for their first visit, it’s so idiosyncratic.
      We have some orchids here, but the lady’s-slippers haven’t appeared at all. 😕
      I’ve since found a healthy display of columbines on Arnside Knott.

  3. I just remember the groupings. Nimbus = Storm, Cumulus = Fluffy, Stratus = layered, Cirrus = High, you then combine them. There is a lot more to it than that but that gives the basic feel. When the weather is brewing I love watching clouds form and take shape.
    And an absolute classic track to finish off, evokes those same memories of that trip. Must grab yours and THO photos and scan them for a memory lane post

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I don’t suppose I was the only one who mixed up the first two of these! My 90s clubbing was a bit limited, mainly to a tiny place in Lancaster called The Warehouse which didn’t play that kind of music. I did get to a few places In London with my brother. And to the Hacienda a few times in the late eighties.

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