A Weekend with Friends


Our friends from Herefordshire needed to drop their son back at Lancaster Uni and suggested meeting up for a walk, but the weekend they were travelling coincided with the government relaxing their rules on having guests in your house, so we invited them to stay instead.

Wild Thyme.

It was so great to see them and enjoy something approaching normality after the strange experience of lockdown.

The weather on the Saturday was atrocious, but we made do with copious cups of tea, catching up and played some board games.

Cinnabar caterpillars on Ragwort.

The Sunday was much nicer, even sunny for a while, so we compensated for the Saturday by going out twice, before and after lunch.

A spring at Gait Barrows – the water rises but then disappears again..
Creeping Cinquefoil.

First up was a wander around Gait Barrows, specifically to see the extensive lowland limestone pavements there.

Exploring the limestone pavements at Gait Barrows.

They really are amazing and visiting them with friends who hadn’t seen them before was liking seeing them afresh.

THB and B decided that it was appropriate to lie down and ‘sunbathe’ although they were both still wearing coats.

Cinnabar Moth.

By the afternoon, it had clouded up quite a bit. I remember that it was very windy too.

TBF at Jenny Brown’s Point.

But it was still nice enough for us to enjoy a stroll to Jenny Brown’s Point, Jack Scout and Woodwell, where the newts didn’t disappoint and put in an appearance for our guests.

Jack Scout.

As often seems to be the case now, I was too busy nattering to take many photos, which is perhaps how it should be, but is a bit frustrating in retrospect.

Still, a brilliant weekend, but not one we shall be repeating any time soon, in light of today’s retightening of the rules. Of course, if we registered as a B’n’B, they could probably pay to visit – the virus doesn’t infect paying customers as we all know.

A Weekend with Friends

8 thoughts on “A Weekend with Friends

  1. Ooh, a little bit of politics at the end there. Sadly group gatherings look like they are off the cards for now although I don’t see an issue with a day walk meet up.
    A great weekend, especially welcome as our first taste of some kind of normality as well. Always so relaxing when we visit whether we are out doing stuff or just sitting around doing very little. Very much appreciated

  2. Yep no gatherings of more than 6 unless of course its a school, public transport, an office, wedding, funeral, family larger than 6, sports clubs with covid measures, hotel, B&B, pub or restaurant where many people from many different households can go and Covid will realise that it is not welcome there and stay away. Hmmm they might be making this up methinks

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I sometimes think it would be hard to make this stuff up. Nobody can get a test apparently. They put a woman in charge with a track record of failure, but she is married to one of their mates, so that’s alright. Nepotism did you say? Surely not…

  3. Wonderful photos! Would you mind please if I stole your picture of Eyebright? I need one to illustrate a vanity publishing project on the Pennine Way, where I saw loads of it but stupidly forgot to photograph any . I would of course credit you as photographer πŸ˜‰
    All good wishes, Andrew

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Help yourself Andrew. Would it be too much to ask for a copy? (Don’t worry if it is, you’re still more than welcome.)

      1. Hi again, whom do you want me to credit the photo to please? I’m afraid all I needed in the end was basically just a couple of flowers so it’s ended up tightly cropped. If I can get an email address please I can send you a PDF of my book. You can email me via the contact page on oldieoutdoors.com
        Actually I guess I should check yours for a contact page.
        I haven’t decided what to do with the book yet, probably go the Amazon POD route although as it’s colour photos the printing cost is very high 😦 We’ll see. Anyway, thanks again πŸ˜‰

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