Much Wenlock


Back in July, when we were still allowed to travel, stay overnight, and meet friends, and the sun still remembered how to shine, we had a wander into the very quaint Shropshire village of Much Wenlock.


I’d never been there before, but felt like it was a place I’d been waiting to visit for some time, although I’ve no idea why – I certainly didn’t know it would be this lovely.

The grave of Dr William Penny Brooks – founder of the Wenlockian Olympic Games – a forerunner of our modern olympics.

Wenlock’s Priory was closed due to COVID restrictions; from what little we could see, it looked well worth a visit. We shall have to go back – which is just dandy as far as I’m concerned.

Much Wenlock

2 thoughts on “Much Wenlock

  1. A post every month, you’ll soon catch up 🤣
    Like you I’d always wanted to visit but even though it was relatively close to home and we were fans of old monuments etc we never went. Very pleasant place. The pubs looked nice for a pint as well.

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