Following J-Dawg down the Dordogne

An idyllic lunch stop.

So, once again, we rented canoes and kayaks and paddled down the Dordogne. It’s the obvious thing to do frankly, and it’s hard to think of a finer way to spend a day.

TJS, TSS, LS and TJF take a dip in the Dordogne.

We stopped for a swim in this spot last time we visited the Dordogne, and I was very much looking forward to doing the same again. I’d brought goggles because I was confident that there would plenty of fish to see in this stretch of water, and I wasn’t disappointed. As on our previous visit, I followed a large fish which had barbels around it’s mouth (a Barbel then?) which was also being followed by around a dozen smaller, stripy fish, possibly Perch?

B realises that his kayak will double up as a stand-up paddle board.

Most of the party opted for solo kayaks, but our friend J-Dawg (who has been burdened, by her daughters, with a whole host of nicknames) was concerned that she would find herself continually going around in circles and getting left behind, so I joined her in a larger canoe. Now, I’m hardly an expert paddler, but I can generally get a boat to travel in something approaching a straight line, ironically using something called a J-stroke, or my inexpert approximation to same. To be honest, the canoe was very comfortable and an excellent choice.

TBF on the left, the raft is the younger members of our party.

But one result of this arrangement is that I have a lot of photos of the view downriver which feature J-Dawg’s life-jacket and fetching pink bucket-hat in the foreground.

TBH looking very happy.
B in more conventional canoeing style.
Château de la Malartrie
Château de Beynac

All-in-all, a fantastic day’s outing.

Following J-Dawg down the Dordogne

6 thoughts on “Following J-Dawg down the Dordogne

  1. It was a great day, if a little on the hot side. Missed out on some stories though, unsurprising since this was 6 months ago!
    The little snowflakes who couldn’t complete the course.
    And my favourite – “is that TBF or just another small person” 😂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Oh yes – “just another small person” phrase of the holiday – fancy forgetting that! A superb day. Thinking back, makes me want to get out in a boat in the sunshine again asap.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      The French really seem to go for this sort of thing – TBH and I hired boats somewhere near La Rochelle 20+ years ago and I know that Andy’s hired boats in numerous places. Thinking about it, TBH and I did it in Florida too – Terrapins, Alligators and amazing birdlife. I suppose we don’t have the weather to make it a viable business prospect. I can certainly strongly recommend the Dordogne.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There’s something about that spot. The cliffs and scenery are more spectacular elsewhere but that’s my favourite place on that stretch of river.

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