Reflections and Frostprints


So – the blog has advanced to the final couple of days of last year. These photos are from a beautiful, still day when TBH and I took one of our favourite wanders around the coast to Arnside.


As you can see, with no wind, both the sea and the River Kent were mirror calm and reflecting the lovely blue skies.

Frozen footprint.
The retreating tide had left a line of ice in its wake. It must have been pretty cold!
There were a few ‘icebergs’ in the Kent – presumably they’d survived the trip down the river from where there was snow in the hills.
Arnside Viaduct, snowy Eastern Fells behind.
Although it’s slightly hazy on the left, this is my favourite photo from the day.
Lunch, from the Old Bake House, on the prom.
We took a fairly direct route back, not climbing the Knott. You can see that the field edge below the woods, having been in the shade, has retained its frost all day.
Late light on Arnside Tower.
Holgates Caravan Park was busy, even the touring section. I hope these caravans had good heaters!
Reflections and Frostprints

6 thoughts on “Reflections and Frostprints

  1. Strange seeing TBH eating a pie from the shop in Arnside in cold weather having done the same ourselves in warm sunshine just a few days ago. Stunning reflection photos. As ever I’m off back to my blog to work out what I was doing at the same time

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We lunched there again today, during, wait for it, a bike ride! Unheard of. I’ll probably be writing it up next January.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Amy! I’ve got a bit lazy about my photographs of late, mostly using my phone, because it’s easier. I thnk I need to buck my ideas up – although these photos do show that it’s being in the right place at the right time which is most important.

  2. You captured some good shots – love the ice on the beach and in the river.
    Your other half doesn’t look so suited with that brew, mind 😁

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