A Market, A Fire-pit, Clouds and Sunsets

Ruskin’s View

Mid-April. Most of these photos are from a single day, which started with rugby training for B in Kirkby Lonsdale. The measures around the pandemic almost entirely wiped-out B’s final season with his age group team, although knee surgery would have kept him on the sidelines anyway. Hopefully he’ll soon be fit to join his contemporaries in the Colts team.

While he was training, I took my usual stroll by the Lune and through Kirkby. It’s unusual to see the river so clear.

St. Mary’s churchyard, full of daffs.
The Manor House.
The Lune.

In the afternoon, TBH and I were out completing a circuit of Jenny Brown’s Point for a change! The sunshine was still with us, but now there were very dark and brooding skies too, a combination I find irresistible.

Hollins Lane.
Warton Crag and a snow-dusted Ward’s Stone across the salt-marsh.
Warton Crag.
Quicksand Pool and the copper-smelting chimney.
The Bowland Fells across Quicksand Pool.
Jenny Brown’s pano (click for larger image).

The remaining photos are from odd days during the second half of our Easter Break.

Cove sunset.
Huge cloud.
Post sunset from Jack Scout.

B often does his best to present himself as a bit of a Philistine, memorably dismissing a stunning cave in the Cévennes, for example, as ‘just rocks and water’, but secretly he’s a bit of a romantic after all. He likes a good sunset and often watches them from Heysham Barrows with his school friends. I think this photo was taken on one of a couple of walks we took together in an attempt to catch the sunset from Jack Scout. We were a bit late on this occasion.

Saturday market, Dalton Square, Lancaster.

I’m not entirely sure why I was in Lancaster, possibly due to the return of BJJ training on a Saturday morning. What I do remember was how shocked I was to see market stalls and shoppers. Although I’d been back at work for a while, Lancaster always seemed to stay resolutely quiet and traffic free.

Washing-machine tub fire-pit.

This photos is a bit of a cheat, since it’s from March. Our washing-machine conked out, and, having replaced it, over a couple of Saturdays I dismantled the broken one and salvaged the drum to use as a fire-pit.

It wasn’t until April that we put it to use, toasting some marsh-mallows…


TBH got a bit carried away…

Flambéed marshmallow.

Actually, this is typical TBH cooking – she would call this ‘caramelised’.

A Market, A Fire-pit, Clouds and Sunsets

7 thoughts on “A Market, A Fire-pit, Clouds and Sunsets

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I can’t claim credit for the idea, we’ve often camped at Nether Wasdale and they rent out fire-pits repurposed from washing-machine and tumble-dryer drums. I used various youtube videos to see how to disassemble and reassemble the washing machine and found videos of how to make a ‘firenado’ by using the washing machine motor to spin the fire-pit whilst it was burning. Looked fantastic, but also like an accident waiting to happen!

  1. We really should use our fire pit a bit more often, especially at this time of year or in spring when the evenings are long but the evening air still cool.
    I like days with big booming clouds as well. One thing about impending autumn and winter are the skies, especially on a sunshine and showers day

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      During lockdown, when meetings in gardens were allowed, we got into the habit of meeting our friends from the village in each other’s gardens and sitting around a fire-pit. The cold would get to us eventually, but it was actually a very pleasant way to spend an evening and I hope we will revive the habit now that the evenings are dark again.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Sadly, people do still get caught in the quicksand. I’ve seen videos from this summer of people getting rescued just off Morecambe promenade. The sand behaves in quite strange ways when it’s water-logged, I’m inclined to think that you would have to be a bit daft to get stuck. Hopefully, that’s not just hubris…

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