An Early Purple, Atomic Eggs and Morecambe Skies

Early Purple Orchid, The Lots.

A post to round of the final week of April. The orchid is from and a short Sunday afternoon stroll across The Lots. Earlier in the day I’d had a walk along the Lune with The Tower Captain, whilst our respective lads were training at Underley Park, home of Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC.

River Lune near Kirkby Lonsdale.
Pipe Bridge over the Lune…
Carrying water from Haweswater to Heaton Park reservoir in Manchester.
Harmony Hall and Laburnum House in Milnthorpe.

These last two photos from a lazy evening stroll whilst A was dancing.

The next time she has a lesson, I was more ambitious and drove to park by Leven’s Bridge for a walk by the River Kent.

Force Falls, River Kent.

This circular route was a firm favourite when the kids were younger. It’s around three miles – not too taxing for little legs. Not bad for an evening stroll either.

Solomon’s Seal by the Kent.
River Kent.

Later in the walk, I encountered both the Bagot Goats and the Bagot Fallow Deer, both unique to the Levens Deer Park. I took photos of the goats, but it was too dark by then. (This post, from the early days of the blog, has photos of both, and of the boys when they were cute and not towering teenagers)

Midland Hotel Morecambe, from the Battery. It’s here that, hopefully, the Eden Project North will be built.
Lake District Fells from Morecambe Prom.
Midland Hotel again. Arnside Knott behind and right of the small building on the Stone Jetty.

TBH and I had a half-hour stroll along Morecambe Promenade, prior to picking up B from meeting his friends in Heysham.

An Early Purple, Atomic Eggs and Morecambe Skies

12 thoughts on “An Early Purple, Atomic Eggs and Morecambe Skies

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      More Early Purple Orchid photos to come – I’ve been trying to get a bit more context into some of my flower photos – which generally involves grovelling on the floor, but I’m happy with the results here.
      There’s talk of the Eden Project North opening in 2024 if funding can be secured, which seems quite soon. The impact on the area could be immense.

  1. I really like Levens Park and I’ve done that walk with you a couple of times although not for a while. Am I right in thinking there is a fish ladder by the falls and we once watched the Salmon jumping there. Also that photo of the gorge part looks like a potential swimming spot although I’m guessing maybe not as I’m sure the DBs would have been in there like a shot if it was allowed!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      You’re right – there is a fish ladder, although I think we saw salmon leaping up the force itself. Getting to the best time of year to see them, I shall have to try to get back there. I’ve been thinking that might be good for swimming, although I haven’t sussed how you would get out.

  2. A friend is currently in Cornwall at The Eden Project and posting photos on Facebook. As we have live in Ontario Canada for decades this is the first I heard of it. Then this morning your latest photos arrived with images of Morecambe Bay and the proposed Eden Project North. We have lived walked in and around the areas whose bounds you are now beating and I very much enjoy your photos. Thanks for the opportunity to see a slice of home. Sue

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hi Sue,
      I’ve been looking at your fascinating photos of Bali – I think I chose Bali because we went there, a long time ago now, before we had kids, and I remember it with great affection.

  3. Fine effort getting to the end of April, within 6 months now, fantastic post again and with the current energy crisis maybe the atomic egg is worth eggsploring again!! I’ll get me coat!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Roaring up to the present now. If it keeps raining like this, I’ll be up to date before you know it.

  4. Do you think it’s possible to get an atomic egg given the hike in energy prices? Could certainly do with one. Alternatively, perhaps I can generate some enegy by atmic fusion by electrolysis of water

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Wiring in electricity from somebody else’s supply/an atomic egg both sound equally dodgy and dangerous to me. Nuclear fusion is the Holy Grail I believe – almost as hard to find as a petrol station down south with an actual supply of fuel.

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