Pedalling the Perimeter – Morecambe and Back

On the canal towpath.

One thing I neglected to say in my last couple of posts, mainly because I forgot, was that our friends Whit week visit was actually a Whit weekend visit. TBH and I seem to have spent the remainder of Whitsun cycling. And the sun shone!

Another thing I neglected to mention is the fact that most of the impetuous, initially at least, in our adoption of cycling came from TBH. In the past, she’s done a lot of cycling and has been wanting to get back to it for a while. In particular, some of our neighbours cycled the Two Roses Way a few years ago, and TBH suggested that we might do the same as our family holiday this summer. (Spoiler alert: we didn’t. Maybe another year). The Two Roses Way is a coast to coast route from Morecambe to Bridlington. I tentatively agreed to the idea, but was a bit concerned about the climbing involved as the route crosses the Pennines. I suggested that we might try the Morecambe Bay Cycleway as a taster, to see how we got on, since it’s shorter, less hilly and all of it on our doorstep. In the circumstances this summer, we decided to adopt a piecemeal approach, avoiding overnight stays and using public transport where necessary.

Morecambe Promenade.

The route from Silverdale to Morecambe is, aside from the usual ups and downs at our end, very flat since it uses the Lancaster Canal towpath and then, from Hest Bank, the promenade through Morecambe.

Lunch Stop.

Before the pandemic TBH regularly joined the Park Run on Morecambe Prom, with friends from the village. This cafe was their favourite venue for their post run drink/lunch stop. Since TBH knew that she could get a vegan panini, it seemed like a good place to go again.


We bumped into someone we know from the village, who told us that they’d passed us on our way out of Silverdale and expressed surprise that we had got as far as we had as quickly as we had. In truth, the entire route, around 26.5 miles, took over 4 hours, so we were hardly setting any speed records.

The Lake District Fells from Morecambe. Arnside Knott on the right.
Warton Crag from Crag Bank Lane.
Bridge over the River Keer.
TBH showing off – she can ride across. It took me half a dozen attempts to do it without colliding in some way with the sides.
Barrow Scout Fields – nearly home.

The route is mostly traffic free, has great views of the lakeland hills in several places, and, somewhat to my surprise, I really enjoyed myself and was keen to get out again.

Pedalling the Perimeter – Morecambe and Back

4 thoughts on “Pedalling the Perimeter – Morecambe and Back

  1. As always I get a lift when I see Beating The Bounds in my in box. We lived in the Mill Head/Warton area for a few years from 1966 onwards when Tony was a manager at the ICI fertilizer plant at Morecambe and Heysham. We drove, walked, cycled and sailed in all the areas you cover so beautifully. Thanks for the visits ‘home’
    Regards from Ontario Canada

  2. That looks like a perfect, easy paced ride. Whilst, as I said in my comment on your previous post, I don’t truly love cycling, I do enjoy putting together a route and the feeling of exploration when cycling somewhere new. Main challenge is to avoid busy main roads as much as possible, as well as big major hills, less of an issue for those with electrical assistance!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So not only do you have endless hiking trais to select from, it seems your bike paths are pretty special too. Have fun with this new option for you!

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