Far Arnside Daffs, The Knott and New Friends


The day after my outing on Sheffield Pike. More sunshine. A local walk for a change.

Green Hellebore.
I took ‘the top’ path from Far Arnside instead of walking lower down by the shore, I can’t remember why.
Very hazy – no Lake District hills in view.

At Arnside Tower Farm I waited ages for the traffic to clear – the herd were being fetched in for milking and I waited until they’d all passed before crossing the track they were using. A couple of the farms collies joined me as I walked away from the farm. I’ve never owned a dog and have no intention of getting one, but if I ever changed my mind I would want a collie – they seem like such intelligent dogs. I thought this pair would turn back when we passed the Tower, but they didn’t. Maybe they would eventually head back to the farm if I continued down the lane toward the campsite? No.


In the end, I turned back myself and they followed me all the way back to the farmyard, at which point I apparently lost my magnetism and they trotted off to investigate something else.

More hellebores…
…and more daffs on the lane along the perimeter of Holgates campsite.
Hazel Catkins – male flowers.
Tiny female Hazel flowers.
Comma butterfly.
The Bay from The Cove, from a mid-week post-work walk.
Far Arnside Daffs, The Knott and New Friends

7 thoughts on “Far Arnside Daffs, The Knott and New Friends

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes – Bluebell photos to come, although I haven’t done as many ‘hunting bluebells’ walks this spring as I usually do – to obsessed with climbing hills!

  1. You must be getting close to being up to date with your walks now? Nice to see a Comma out early in the year, I did a walk at the weekend with lots of Common Blues, Peacocks, Large and Small whites and Orange Tips which I was pleased with. However I had one walk at the end of April which I need to put on the blog where I saw a High Brown Fritillary, which only survives down here in Devon (small pockets in South Wales) and in your area as well.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      High Brown Fritillary – yes, far and few between. Fritillaries in general can also be frustrating because they will fly by without landing, so that you know you’ve seen a Fritillary, but can’t be sure which kind!

  2. Looks like a similar if not the same walk we did with you the following week. There is Collie that follows me around sometimes on one of my local walks from home

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, almost identical I think. Such intelligent dogs – but with boundless energy, I think you would need to be able to do a lot of daily walking to keep them fit. Or let them wander around with strangers I suppose!

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