Easter Hols Are Here

Eaves Wood – Inman’s Road – Hawes Water – Moss Lane – The Row – Bank Well – Lambert’s Meadow – Burtonwell Wood – The Green – Clifftop Path – Hollins Lane – Heald Brow – Hollins Lane – Woodwell – Bottom’s Wood – Spring Bank

Inman’s Road in Eaves Wood.
Wych Elm seeds. I think.
Heading down towards Hawes Water.
Clougha Pike and Carnforth salt-marsh from Heald Brow.
Backlit daffs.
New honeysuckle leaves.

The first day of our Easter break and, having overslept, I opted for a local walk rather than heading to the Lakes.

Easter Hols Are Here

5 thoughts on “Easter Hols Are Here

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I noticed today in Kentmere that there are still lots of bluebells, whereas here they’ve all gone to seed. It’s not even that far away. Curious how that can happen.

      1. That seems really late for them to still be out, however I guess the cooler air at height away from the coast helps that. I normally do my bluebells walk on Dartmoor around bank holiday Monday at the end of May, when they are at their best, so bluebells can hang on at height it seems

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There are rules? Oh cripes!
      I would have thought that short posts would be a mercy, to be honest. Some very long ones coming, at least in terms of how many photos they are likely to include.

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