Buffalo Canalside and a Trip to Sahlen Field.

Shark-headed Alice. Of course.

We had a trip into downtown Buffalo.

More public art. Not sure whether we were supposed to sit on it.
Buffalo Naval Park.
Buffalo River – looking towards Lake Erie.

With hindsight, we should have walked a bit further to have a proper look at Lake Erie. At the time, it seemed like we would inevitably be back and see it properly, but somehow we never got around to it. Too busy swimming in the back-garden pool. And shopping; apparently an essential element of any holiday.

Buffalo Naval Park.
Buffalo River.
A pleasure cruise returns to the quay.

Later that same day, we were back in Buffalo, very near Canalside, to watch the Buffalo Bisons play the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

Sahlen Field

Somewhat to my surprise, I enjoyed the whole affair immensely: the music, the game, the beers and the beef and horseradish sandwich which is apparently a Buffalo speciality. It probably helped that the Bisons won 10-1.

Sahlen Field with more of a crowd present.

The people sat around us were incredibly friendly and the chap in the cap on the right of this picture was very patient with our many questions and explained what was happening really well. I played baseball quite a bit at school, basketball too come to that. I don’t remember baseball being especially complicated, but it turned out there were almost constantly points we needed clarifying.

Buffalo Bisons in action.

The Bisons are a Minor League team, whatever that means, but they clearly have a large and passionate following. I think some of the local ice-hockey team were present too, signing autographs, and there was a terrific atmosphere. I’m not sure when the opportunity is likely to present itself, but I would love to watch another baseball game. The DBs also had a go at batting, during our stay, at a place where the ball was fired out of a machine. I gather they enjoyed that too. (TBH and I were shopping at the time in a sort of ‘Ghost Mall’ where many of the shops were empty, or closed, or full of second-hand tat, a very odd place. We managed to come away with a half-a-dozen pairs of shoes between us, mostly from UK brands I’d never previously heard of.)

As ever, I’m miles behind with the blog. It’s slightly odd to be recalling our summer sojourn in Buffalo whilst the city is suffering the aftermath of one of the worst winter storms on record. The BBC reports that slightly warmer weather is on the way, so hopefully life can soon return to something resembling normality in the affected areas.

Buffalo Canalside and a Trip to Sahlen Field.

3 thoughts on “Buffalo Canalside and a Trip to Sahlen Field.

  1. I think that’s the best thing about any trip abroad, embracing the local culture, whatever that may be. When we went to Whistler I really wanted a day out to Vancouver to watch an Ice Hockey game but it never quite happened

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, I think you have a very valid point there. The baseball game, the music in Saranac Lake and the comedy night in Brooklyn all stand out as highlights of our trip. It actually made me think about making more of the wealth of opportunities available on our own home patch when we got back, which I think I have, at least to a point.

  2. Still too cold for baseball on our visit. We spent time watching the shipping in the Welland Canal, which I had learnt about in primary school.

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