August Bank Holiday Hutton Roof

Farleton Fell catching the sun.

Farleton Fell dominates the view from our kitchen, and from our garden, especially, as here, when it’s catching the sun and everything else is shaded by the clouds. Perhaps that was what prompted TBH and I to head that way for a short walk? Or perhaps not, since we opted for Farleton Fell’s neighbour Hutton Roof. Frankly, it’s hard to recall the decision making process at seven months remove. My own fault I know, for getting so far behind.


I do know that I’m very fond of this path, which climbs through the trees adjacent to a low limestone edge.

The hills above Kirkby Lonsdale and Ingleborough.

I’m also very fond of the views from Hutton Roof, especially the view of Ingleborough. So much so that I took loads of photos in that direction on this occasion, to add to the many I’ve taken on previous visits.

Pano – Ingleborough and the Forest of Bowland.
TBH by the trig pillar.
Looking towards the Lakes.
Warton Crag and the Bay.
On our descent, looking towards the Forest of Bowland.

Just a short walk, but one which delivers stupendous views for very little effort. We had bigger plans for the morrow, the last day of my holiday.

August Bank Holiday Hutton Roof

7 thoughts on “August Bank Holiday Hutton Roof

  1. When you first took us up Hutton Roof I seem to remember I found it a bit drab and scruffy. Since then on many visits it’s become a firm favourite with some superb views, intriguing little paths twisting through the pavements, scar and woodland and some wonderful names. I miss it now we don’t get to Lancaster as often as we used to when the Prof was there

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Drab and scruffy? I must have picked a rotten route!
      On the less visits front, and talking of formerly drab and scruffy: we’ve done up the top room and installed a new bathroom, which you’re welcome to commandeer if you fancy a visit. Having said that, these days you could just camp in the drive!

      1. We were just saying this evening we haven’t been up to see you for a visit for ages. Missed those trips just chilling with you and gang. Very keen to see the new upstairs area and try it out. Happy to give up the camper for a few nights!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, we are very lucky. Actually – when we moved in this was the living room. I had a bit of a brainwave and decided to change it to the kitchen, because that’s where we tend to spend a lot of our time.

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