Blencathra by Doddick Fell.

In the early part of the descent.

August Bank Holiday Monday, the final day of my long, eventful summer break, and TBH was keen to get out and climb a hill. We settled on Blencathra. We were very lucky and managed to find street parking in Threlkeld.

In the early part of the ascent – Doddick Fell ridge on the skyline.

The sun shone intermittently and it was even quite warm for a while. We were heading around the base of the hill, aiming for Sharp Edge, but when we reached Scaley Beck there was a steep little rock step to negotiate, down into the beck and I didn’t like the look of it, so we turned back for Doddick Fell instead.

Looking to Clough Head.
Dor Beetle – with tiny mite piggybacking on it’s head.
Great Mell Fell.
On the path which skirts the edge of the access land.

We’d not climbed far up Doddick Fell when some unforecast drizzle materialised. Just after we’d stopped for lunch!

Early lunch stop in the drizzle – showers over Clough Head.
Hall’s Fell Ridge, Hallsfell Top, Doddick Gill and Doddick Fell.

Doddick Fell turned out to be a marvellous route up Blencathra. I suspect all of the many ridges are worth a look.

A little further up Doddick Fell. Rather splendid.
Looking down Doddick Fell to Clough Head.
Looking down Doddick Fell.
Almost there.
Looking down Doddick Fell from the top of the ridge.
Scales Fell and the Pennines beyond.
Hallsfell Top.
Sharp Edge and Scales Tarn.
Sharp Edge pano. (Click on this, or any other pictures to see larger images on Flickr.)
Gategill Fell and Derwentwater.
The Skiddaw massif. Criffel in the background?
Blencathra pano 1

The views from Blencathra were superb. What’s-more, it wasn’t busy at all.

Looking over Mungrisdale Common to Great Calva and Knott.
Blencathra pano 2.
Blencathra pano 3
Blencathra pano 4
Looking back up to the top.

We’d had another spell of sunny weather, but, as we started to descend, a band of ominous black clouds swept in from the East.

Clough Head, The Dodds ridge and Thirlmere.

It was very dramatic and I took no end of photos of Clough Head and the Dodds as the black cloud breezed over them.

Clough Head, The Dodds ridge and Thirlmere.
Brooding skies, Derwentwater and the hills beyond.

We took the Blease Fell path down – one I knew to be easy-angled, pleasant walking.

An easy descent on Blease Fell.
Almost down.

Last time I was up Blencathra, I was in the cloud the entire time, so this was a very welcome change.

Blencathra by Doddick Fell.

16 thoughts on “Blencathra by Doddick Fell.

  1. That was the same route I took when I went up Blencathra. I enjoyed going up by the Doddick fell ridge. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to tackle Hall’s fell ridge, especially solo. Sharp Edge is definitely out of the question!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I haven’t done either ridge for a very long time. I don’t remember Hall’s Fell being particularly dramatic, but that might be the fog of time.

  2. Blencathra, one of only a couple of times I’ve turned back from going to a summit. Gale force wings snatched my OS 1:25 from my hands fortunately avoiding me turning into a paraglider. I reckon the map probably ended up in Penrith (or Carlisle.) Other ascents before and after were less intimidating – perhaps it is my favourite Lake district summit.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Oh – you’ve done it again Conrad. Favourite Lake district summit? Blencathra would certainly be right up there. Pike O’Blisco has a lot going for it, in terms of a nice rocky summit, great views, and I’ve camped there which always adds to my appreciation. Grisedale Pike is a cracker. Wow, I shall be poring over maps and raking over old memories trying to sort this one out! Harter Fell above Eskdale? Lingmell? I shall never be able to make my mind up!

  3. Blencathra on a Bank Holiday and quiet – there’s a thing. A superb and fascinating mountain of contrasts with that distinctive and recognisable profile. Been too long since climbed it. I think on the really cold May weekend when we camped near Threkeld. Some great photos there, fine BH day out

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We probably started late, then faffed about a good deal – probably most people were heading home by the time we reached the top – having said that, we didn’t see many people on Doddick Fell either.

  4. It must be decades since I’ve been up Blencathra, I was surprised at how much the paths have developed (eroded) in that time.
    I always enjoy the view of it from the motorway going north.
    Time for another ascent. Hall’s Fell Ridge is no problem, perhaps the beat way up, but Sharp Edge keeps you in suspense and some danger.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      What a treat you have in store! If you’ve never done it, then up by Sharp Edge and down by Hall’s Fell surely? (On a dry windless day!)
      Or – do all of them – what a weekend that could be! Hmmm…sounds like a plan!

      1. beatingthebounds says:

        Oh – and – final 20: I think I’ve done 96 since TBH bought me the map, Christmas before last – I’m going to have to really step it up if I’m going to get there before you, despite my massive geographical advantage.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That was in 2001 – a few years before I started the blog. I do have a few photos – maybe one day I’ll get around to a retrospective write-up.

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