Castle Rising and Cromer


Back in August…

“Hang on, did you say ‘Back in August’?”

Yes, I know – hardly current. However, needs must when the devil drives. TBH is working full time, work seems to expand exponentially….blogging time is in short supply. Expect short posts. Intermittently. At best.

Anyway. We had a week in Cromer on the North Norfolk coast with my Mum and Dad and my brother and his family. Very nice it was too. So here’s a very partial account……

We’d been in Lincoln for a family party and called in at Castle Rising on the surprisingly long drive down to Cromer. There were re-enactors busy re-enacting everything from battles between the Iceni and the Romans to….err, battles between the redcoats and French. We liked this diddy Centurion….


….who looked oddly familiar.

Even in the middle of summer, the North Norfolk coast has miles of almost empty beaches…


And cliff-tops thronged with butterflies….


Some sort of skipper?


A gatekeeper.


We had an unsuccessful afternoon’s crab fishing off the pier. We saw somebody catch a large eel in his crab net – a bit more than he bargained for I think. We did find large crab and lobster shells and pincers on the beach. Shellfish seems to be something of a culinary speciality of the area, so much so that even I felt beholden to pluck up the courage to try lobster, crab and crayfish. Enjoyed it too.

The weather wasn’t too bad. The company was great. I’d go back tomorrow, if I could.

Castle Rising and Cromer