Just Read: Viking Voyage

Viking Voyage

Ever thought of building a Viking knarr (a trading vessel wider than a long-ship) and then sailing it along the west coast of Greenland, across the Davis Strait to Baffin Island and down the coast of Labrador to Newfoundland and a possible site of Vinland? Along the way you would be dealing with whales and walruses, icebergs and curious polar bears. You might meet an arctic fox and learn a little about the Inuit people of Greenland. Probably, you would find yourself hanging around waiting for favourable winds and dealing with tensions amongst your fractious crew. You might learn a little about your own limitations as a sailor and a boat builder. Why not do the whole thing in heavy replica Viking garb just to add to the discomfort?

Even if you would never contemplate doing any of these things, I can heartily recommend this very readable book. I suspect it will be the only book you’ll ever read which contains both a recipe for whale stew and also sketchy rules for the Greenlandic card game Kapaka.

(The format of this post is shamelessly lifted from mylogicisfuzzy, which as well as book reviews has posts about walks in and around London and also lots of information about baking. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say.)

Just Read: Viking Voyage

Messing About in Boats

The church picnic was this weekend just gone. We went to Brown Howe on Coniston Water. Some people cried off because the weather looked iffy, but it turned out fine after a little drizzle.

The kids messed about in boats:

And the adults…

…messed about in boats.

S seemed to get in on a lot of the action.


How do I work this thing then? Can I take it out on my own? I won’t break anything, honest.

  There was a barbecue, and civilised things like cups of tea.

One loon even went for a swim.

It was cold.


A splendid time was had by all.

Messing About in Boats