Come Into My Parlour…

Suddenly it seems that encounters with spiders are dominating my life and my blog. This morning I walked out of the front door and straight into a web.

I know next to nothing about these engaging little fellows, but s/he looks like a close relative of yesterday’s spider, but possibly different from Sunday’s feasting duo.

Come Into My Parlour…

3 thoughts on “Come Into My Parlour…

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi DM, Abe
    Many moons ago I maintained the fiction of a pet spider by picking one up and putting it into my Blazer pocket each morning on my way to school. This was back when I was a pupil not since I became a teacher! Although, I till find it hard not to spin yarns to the gullible. Last year one of my classes were indignant when I told them that the French had persuaded the European Union to introduce metric time. Not as daft as it sounds, actually, since I think that it was tried in France when they introduced the revolutionary calender in seventeen ninety something…

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