Shap Abbey

Since, a little to my surprise, it wasn’t raining when I finished my Swindale walk, I decided to make a slight detour on my way home to visit Shap Abbey. I had it completely to myself. This tower is the most complete part of the ruins and is also the most recent part to have been built – but even this part predates Henry VIII dissolution of the monasteries, making it around 500 years old. Isn’t it odd that we’ll travel half-way around the world to visit ancient temple sites in exotic locations, but in the middle of a summer Saturday close to some of the nation’s tourist hot-spots this one would be deserted.

Shap Abbey

2 thoughts on “Shap Abbey

  1. Thanks for that, into the to visit folder with lots of standing stones and thunder stones around on the 25k map, but how old ? cheers Danny

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi Danny
    Started in 1199 apparently. Mostly 13th Century but the part which has survived most intact is early 16th Century.

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