Little and Often: January Progress Report


The Manor House Mill Brow.

These photos are from a Kirkby Lonsdale wander on Sunday morning. The weather was dull and damp again. S had rugby training and B was playing against Upper Eden (Kirkby Stephen). I took a wander down to Devil’s Bridge where a group of paddlers looked to be about to set off in one kayak and several open canoes.


Devil’s Bridge.

It looked like it would be fun, if a little cold.


Royal Hotel.



Market Cross and Abbot’s Hall.

This is Swine Market, close to both the river and the church. The market cross, which is medieval was moved here from Market Square in 1819 apparently and sometime in the nineteenth century the ball on the top was added. The house behind is Abbot Hall, also medieval according to a sign attached to the wall nearby, but seventeenth century if you believe wikipedia.



St. Mary’s.

TBH and I were out again later, to check on the Snowdrops in the woods by Hawes Water, which were indeed flowering, but my photo didn’t come out well in the gloom.

It all adds to the tally however. So, how am I going on in my bid to hit 1000 miles in 2018? Here’s my January calendar from MapMyWalk…

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 22.07.46.png

So, 56 walkabouts, none of them particularly long, but making just over 134 miles all told, far surpassing the 80 odd miles I need each month. Twenty-eight thousand calories equates, as anyone who has read as many books on food and nutrition as I have knows, to eight pounds of fat burned. Although both the calorie total and the assumption that a straightforward calories in calories out model is valid need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt in my opinion. I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost eight pounds, sadly. However, I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning, then I can make a more informed comparison in a month’s time.

Bring on February.


Little and Often: January Progress Report

6 thoughts on “Little and Often: January Progress Report

  1. We walk through such places and to some extent admire the fine old architecture but these photographs discipline us to look a bit more carefully – splendid stuff. Did you notice the light catching the underneath of the bridge in the second photo?

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Sadly, the light was as flat as a pancake Conrad. That colour is the modern road bridge which is just behind Devil’s Bridge.

  2. Shows just how easy it is to accumulate miles just with a simple little and often approach. Those calories would be highly speculative, I guess you’d need a proper heart rate monitor to measure it more accurately but a useful indicator

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, I quite like it. I’m working on the basis that, at the very least, its eight pounds I haven’t put on that I might otherwise now be lugging about!

  3. This brought back memories of summer at university in Preston – we had a day out to Devils Bridge where some intrepid lads jumped off, but I went for a walk. 25 years later, and I would still have gone for a walk! Great mileage there for January!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’ve sen lads jumping off it, but it’s a bit renowned locally, because there’s a strong current and a ledge underwater. People have been pushed under the ledge and have drowned, so your choice was the wise one. Also, it’s a very long way down.

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