A Families Weekend at Ours

I haven’t fallen out of love with blogging, I’ve just been preposterously busy; and then, the further one gets behind, the more daunting the prospect of catching up becomes.

So – hopefully on the road to catching-up – a weekend back in September. What has become one of the many regular fixtures in our calendar – a gaggle of friends dropping in for a weekend in the Arnside/Silverdale AONB. We can just about squeeze them all in, although some have to sleep on the drive in their campervan. Two years ago the weather was rotten. Last year it was superb. This year it was….well, neither one nor the other really.

On the Saturday, when we finally dragged ourselves away from copious cups of tea around the kitchen table, we walked down through Fleagarth Wood to Jenny Brown’s Point and then back via Jack Scout and very possibly the Lots and the Cove.


Near Jenny Brown’s Cottages there were numerous and varied fossils in the rocks.




Most impressive (I’m hoping the Andy’s photos do them more justice than mine), but I can’t work out how I’ve walked past them hundreds of times in the 20 years I’ve lived in the area without noticing them before.

As in previous years, we rounded off our Saturday with a very fine sample of dishes from our local Indian take-away. (I’m very fond of the Handi Achar, but the Kursi Chicken was very good too. So much so that it may be my new favourite.)

The weather on Sunday showed much more promise and we were full of hope as we crossed the causeway at Leighton Moss (soon afterward the scene of the BBC’s AutumnWatch).


But when we stopped for some lunch on the benches on Summer House Hill above Leighton Hall, there was a rather cold wind….


…and we watched a curious blanket of low cloud enveloping the view and putting a bit of a damper on the day.


We decided to abandon our plan of an ascent of Warton Crag and instead went to explore Cringlebarrow, Deepdale, Yealand Allotment and the environs of Hawes Water – which, according to some younger members of the party, was much too long a walk even without the addition of Warton Crag.


Anyway – a very fine weekend. The ankle-biters are firmly of the opinion that we should have two such weekends next year……

A Families Weekend at Ours

6 thoughts on “A Families Weekend at Ours

  1. We did some of your walk from the Gibralter Farm campsite in October and thoroughly it. In fact we sat and had our lunch on those benches above the Leighton Hall in warm sunshine and were fortunate to get some good views as well. Missed the fossils on the way back around the point though, but now you have highlighted them we will have a look for them next time we pass.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hi David,
      That’s a great viewpoint, although I always find it difficult to do the view justice in photos. There are great fossils by the shore at Far Arnside too – probably even better than those near the cottages (actually between the cottages and the chimney), but they aren’t always easy to spot.

  2. Beat me to it!
    I think it was a great weekend, so far back I can’t remember 🙂
    Seriously it was excellent as always. Sad to say I don’t think my photos are much good – it was still getting used to the new camera. You also forgot to mention that the Funsters managed to get lost

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’m buying a camera for Christmas (bit late I know) but am still agonising. I’m looking at compact system cameras with DSLR size chips. I think I’ve settled on a sony nex, but now I can’t decide whether I’ll go for the 5 with a touch screen (I’m not bothered about its wifi capacity) or the 3 and get an extra lens to boot. Decisions, decisions…
      Yours is bigger I know – are there any fancy features which you’ve found particularly indispensable?
      Anyway – it was a top weekend, cheers. Shall try to catch up some more as it continues to rain this week. How’s GM in his new pad?

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